Jon Goodall
Jon Goodall
DevOps Engineer in Sussex

About Me

I have 8 years of experience in IT, across most of the SDLC - 1 year business & systems analysis, 1 year testing (manual and automation), 3 years release and environment management, 3 years DevOps). However I have found my niche in DevOps and automation.

I love automation. If you've had to do a task once, you'll have to do it again. I love being able to take a repetitive, time consuming task and make sure that no-one ever has to look at it again, and with my background in environments management, I'm able to apply this right down to the process level (specifically monitoring and health), with real-time alerting and fault-tolerant scripting.

Serverless monitoring is a particularly interesting challenge, because the "traditional" method of using an agent on the server isn't available, so you have to use error rate reporting based on the logs coming out of the container. Or monitoring the underlying server if you have access to it.


  • Certified AWS Solutions Architect - Associate (ID: L8P6V98CLMQ4QR90)
  • Rolled out CI/CD across two seperate projects, including testing and automated deployments to production.
  • Implemented a serverless monitoring solution across Heroku and AWS to give near real-time alerting and automated scaling.
  • Designed and implemented a hybrid (AWS and on-premises) monitoring solution using the ELK stack, cloudwatch, S3 and Glacier.
  • Designed and built custom CMDB (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL, JQuery and the Jira rest interface) to enable developers to allocate their own resources, and provide quick data exports to teams across the business when looking at the server estate. Logins with different levels of permissions was achieved via jira groups.
  • Implemented 1-click deploy to VMWare private cloud servers, across multiple technolgies (Windows, SSIS, SSRS, SQL, PowerShell)
  • Built out a monitoring solution (using ITRS Geneos) for all development environments, improving stabilty and reduce time wasted investigating faults.


My personal interests include:

  • Home Automation. I've been interested in home automation - and particularly the challenges around securing the IoT - for a long time. The devices are now almost ubiquitos, but I still don't think anyone has entirely covered the security element.
  • Learning. I constantly have a number of different web courses "on-the-go", to widen my skills. Currently working through Python 3, Kubernetes Ceritified Administrator and AWS Certified Developer Associate.
  • I occasionally blog. But it's mostly just me ranting at nothing. Check it out on my Medium profile

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